What We Do At OEM

• Attend daily inspection and production meetings.
• Have daily communication meetings with plant personnel.
• Parts review (daily walk through).
• Follow up on quality issues with root cause analysis.
• Daily scrap review (efficient and cost effective way of saving on scrap).
• Communicate to Tier 1 supplier current events, schedules etc.
• Communicate CN changes and help coordinate changes.
• Follow up on RDRs.
• Participate in reviews and disposition of disputes on NCTs issued.
• Co-ordinate corrective action process with SQA representative.
• Launch (Support all phases)
• Manage quality and material handling issues at OEM
On-site daily/24-hrs on call
• Conduct daily regimen walks (Disciplined Routes)
Resolve issues in real time prior to NC Ticket
• Perform root cause analysis for quick resolution
Completed accurately and communicated immediately
• Manage action required to verify accurate closure of issues Follow up conducted for all issues
• Provide communication linkages
Communicate information to OEM Eng, Mat Handling & Receiving Inspection

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